Best ways to study for a test: How to study for a test

Best ways to study for a test: How to study for a test: Studying for a test can be overwhelming at times. You need to be serious and precise while studying. Times for tests are always a problem for students because they all want to pass but before they can pass, they’ll have to study well.
When studying for a test, there’s something you should remember: You’re studying to pass a test not to learn. There’s a difference between both. When you study to learn, you don’t have any pressure on you but when you study to pass an upcoming test, there will be a lot of pressure.
Studying to learn is okay but studying to pass is the best option when you have a test coming up. Studying to learn is similar to reading a novel where you’d love to understand everything that happens in the book to make it more interesting. But studying to pass a test is where you’ll need to be precise. Where you will have to manage your time and where you’ll have to be faster.
Not wasting your limited time on unnecessary topics or topics that you already understand.
Studying for a test is important which is why I will talk about some best methods to study for a test and pass.
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Best methods to study for a test

1.  Always attend classes and pay attention to your teachers/tutors:

Many students have that habit of not paying attention while in class. It is a plus for every student to pay attention during lectures. This gives you the opportunity to understand a lot about a topic and later when studying to have more knowledge about it, it will be much easier to know more about it. This can help you to a point where you won’t even have to study many topics for an upcoming test because you already have enough knowledge about most of them.

2. Always try to revise what you’ve been taught in school every day you get home:

When you get home from school, get a shower and have your lunch. Relax for a couple of hours and then go through what you have been taught in school that day. You should dedicate maybe two hours or even less and go through whatever you have been taught in school before going to bed.
With this habit every day, you will be more familiar with every topic you’re taught. When the test day comes, studying will become much easier than anything and when writing that test, it will look like a revision.
Yeah, I know that you studying every day after school when there’s no test coming up is very unlikely. Or not? Most students don’t study until a test is coming up. That’s why studying for a test becomes a herculean task for most students.

3. Do you not understand a topic? Go to your teacher to help you out:

Students have the habit of not caring when they can’t understand a topic. This is wrong. If your teacher teaches you a topic and you don’t understand, you have the right to ask him/her to help you understand. He’s the teacher, he gets paid to help you understand the difficulties in your studies. Or maybe if going to your teacher to help you out with a difficulty is not your thing, there must be some of your friends or classmates that understand the topic perfectly. You can ask him/her to help you understand. How about asking that kid in your class who always comes out on top in every test to put you through? In essence, all I’m trying to say is that, when you don’t understand a topic, find someone who does to explain it to you. Do not be careless.

4. Organise a study group with your friends when there’s a test coming up:

By doing this, studying becomes more interesting and easier. You can easily get your friends to explain that topic that doesn’t seem clear to you on the spot. You can ask one another questions on what you’ve studied. This is a great way to study for a test. Understanding difficult topics become easier.

5. Ask your teacher for hints on the upcoming test:

I don’t know if this is legal in your school but some schools do this a lot. In a session where a series of topics have been taught, teachers hinting you about the topics you need to study for the test is important. Instead of trying to study a whole bunch of topics just to write a test that takes only a couple of minutes, you could just go straight to the main topics and study. This will save you time.
Many students waste their time on figuring out topics to study because they’re clueless about where to start studying. There’s a bunch of books and no one wants to study everything. It’s tiring. Unless you’re studying for a bigger examination where you’d have been noticed months before writing the exam. Even here, you’re likely to be given a syllabus to help you prepare.

6. Study to pass:

 This is very important. This also consists of method 4 and 5. Studying to pass is studying the exact topics where questions will be asked in your test. Do not waste too much time on a single topic. Most big examination bodies give out syllabuses during registration to help you get familiar with the topics you need to study.
If a test starts in a couple of days or weeks, you’ll have to be precise and quick. Leave out the unimportant points made in a topic. You don’t have to understand everything about a topic, what you need to understand is the important points made about a topic.

7. Study past questions:

Another important method when studying for a test. Go do some research and gather some past questions and answers. Study them so as to understand how the questions will look like in your test. You may be lucky to get some questions repeated in your test or have numbers or words twisted but still the same question. This happens a lot. I’ve seen people pass a test just by studying past questions and answers for a couple of weeks before the test.
Studying it is different from just answering the questions and checking the answers. Studying it involves solving the questions, checking the answers and going further to research on everything you don’t understand. From this, you could end up studying a whole topic because of one unclear option in a past question.
I’ve done this before and it worked. I had an exam and I could only study for a couple of weeks. I had to study the past questions and answers which was easier and more effective. Trying to study a bunch of topics in different subjects in such a short time would surely tire me.


A test is a must for every student. Nobody loves to fail so you have to study. There’s no better preparation for a test than starting right from the first day in school for a new session. Hard to study for a test in a short time when the topics are unfamiliar to you. That’s why you must push yourself to get familiar with these topics before the test day. You’d have no pressure when doing that. You’re just studying to understand not to write a test so you don’t necessarily need to be quick and precise.
Have fun studying and researching on a topic to have a better understanding of it so when you try to study it later for a test, it will be a revision for you.
Ask that kid who’s always on top and he’d tell you that he studies all the time. Dedicating an hour to go through what you’ve been taught in school shouldn’t have been a problem but unfortunately, it is. Too many things these days to take our attention away. From video games to watching Netflix, YouTube and spending the rest of our day after school on social media. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter: All these are time wasting. You could spend an hour and you would think you had just spent 10 minutes.
Manage your time. Time is gold.
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