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Everybody wants happiness, but happiness is not something everybody has! As easy as it sounds, being happy depends on a lot of things. You could be rich and still be unhappy. You could be healthy and still be unhappy.

According to Wikipedia, In psychology, happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being which can be defined by, among others, positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. Does everybody deserve happiness? No. Criminals who have done harm to innocents do not deserve happiness. Rapists do not deserve happiness. Murderers do not deserve it either.

So have you been unhappy and want to change that? It all depends on you! You can choose to be happy even when you don’t have a lot of money or when you are sick. Happiness is something you need to keep moving in this world. You do not need all the money in the world to be happy.

There are a lot of things to make you unhappy. Like breakups, sicknesses, poverty and much more. You can still stay happy even when going through all these. A lot can make you unhappy but a little thing can make you happy.

What makes you unhappy? Think about it and find a solution to get rid of it. There are ways to tackle some problems that cause unhappiness.


Tips to be happy always

1. Get a good job

A good paying job will ensure that your bills are paid on time. There are situations where people become unhappy because they’re confused and always thinking how to pay their bills when the month ends. This alone is a great threat to your happiness because you’re always thinking about bills when you should be doing other things that make you happy. So can getting a good job make you happy? Obviously, it will but there are people with good jobs that are still unhappy. Why?  This is because there are many things that make people unhappy.


2. Get into a good relationship

Getting into a good relationship can bring about a very good feeling. Being in a good relationship will give you the opportunity to have someone to talk about everything with. Also, sharing the burdens, the pains and facing all sorts of difficulties together will make you feel at ease. You will feel that you’re not alone! Many people have found unending happiness by loving someone. Love is a good thing that overcomes all difficulties. If you’re still a kid, this is not for you.
But you can…


3. Get yourself a best friend

Works like a magic. A best friend is someone you can tell anything and everything. I know that there are people, more than you can imagine, that will discuss an issue with their best friends before they do with their girlfriends/wives or boyfriends/husbands. This is another good tip to keep yourself happy. A best friend goes out with you, shares your pains, drinks with you, sleep in the same bed, talks about anything, do a sleepover and more.

When you look unhappy, he/she is always there to comfort and encourage you. Talks that silly jokes to make you laugh and do those silly pranks on you to make you look stupid and then laugh at you. A best friend is important. If you have one, only you can understand this.

Remember to choose a best friend wisely. Like I’ve discussed above, if a friend can’t do that for you, then he/she shouldn’t be a best friend. The best of your friends must be the most selfless, most loving and most caring.


4. Have baby/babies

Although I understand that some people do not want kids for one reason or the other. But if you have no reason not to have kids, you should try having one. Babies bring long-lasting happiness to parents. It’s always a pleasure to see babies laugh, to cuddle them and to have a life come to the world through you.

Have kids when you have everything you need to raise them to avoid adding to your problems. Taking care of babies can be hard if you have no money or whatever it takes to raise them. You need a good job and a loving partner to have babies. Perhaps you can’t make babies?

There are a lot of ways to make a baby of your own. You can adopt or try some other ways.


5. Always have a good rest/ A good night sleep

A good rest has been proven to benefit the body and it is obvious. During the day, you work, get tired and during the night, you need a good long rest to keep your nerves in good shape. When you’re not tired or fatigued, you will be fit and happy but when you’re tired, you won’t be fit and happy. Always have a good rest, it’s very important. Always go to bed at night and during the day when you are tired, take some couple of minutes and rest. Heck, even at work!


6. Watch movies/ listen to music/ play video games

When you’re free from work, you can watch movies to keep your mind off that thing that makes you sad. It has worked for me and it’s still working. When something bothers me, I listen to music or watch movies. Sometimes I play games. These make you forget those hard times. Instead of thinking about a problem that makes you sad over and over again, you can do one of these.

I know some problems need to be thought over but, if you can’t stop thinking about a problem, you need something to help you forget about it for the meantime before seeking professional help.


7. Accept and love who you are

There’s nothing better than accepting and loving who you are. When you accept and love who you are, there’s nothing that can bring you down. There’s nothing that people say about you that will make you sad. A lot of people get bullied and this makes them sad. The fact is, if you already accept and love who you are, there’s no amount of bullies that can bring you down. They will eventually get tired when they find out that nothing they say or do affects you.


8. Go for what you love/like

Whatever makes you happy, go for it. Do not deprive yourself happiness. As far as it doesn’t hurt someone else or yourself, it’s totally fine. Doing what you love will make you feel better. As I’ve said, do not do what will harm you or someone else.

Do you want to be an engineer? Will it make you happy if you become one? If Yes, then do not wait. Go for it. There many people who are not happy because of where they work but still do it anyway because of the money.


9. Visit a therapist

Always remember to visit a therapist if you feel you can’t get rid of what makes you sad. A therapist is a person skilled in a particular type of therapy. Also sometimes called a healer. It’s their job to help you. Stop fighting it yourself.


10. Pour out your mind

Do not keep your difficulties to yourself. Remember you have a best friend, a husband, a wife, a family that are always ready to hear your problems and are ready to solve it with you. It’s never good to keep a problem to oneself. That’s too much of a burden for one person when it could be shared among many more people. Do not keep malice, it is poisonous to your body and soul. Let him know you do not agree with him. Make her know she was over the line. Keep hatred away from your heart.

What’s bothering you? What makes you sad? You never know how easily it could be taken care of if you were open to people that care about you.

There’s always one person for everyone. That one person that will do anything for you. Pour out your mind and feel a sense of relief, a burden-free mind is always happy.


11. Always hang out with friends

Do not forget this. This is very effective. Hang out with friends every now and then when you’re free to have fun and talk about all kinds of stuff. Drink moderate, talk, joke, and laugh together. This is where you get to forget all the problems that bother you. Where you get to discuss that problem with your friends and let them help you get rid of it.

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