How to be happy single after a breakup

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There are probably millions of breakups every day. It’s what you should expect if you’re in a relationship with someone. People change and this might affect you.

The question is, how do you deal with a breakup? A breakup is bad. It causes emotional distress and exhaustion. There have been a lot of suicides after bad breakups. This is not right, this should not be!

Many people can’t deal with a breakup because they are kind of soft. I believe everybody in a relationship or planning to be in a relationship should be aware that anything can happen and that they should be ready to fight it when it happens.

A breakup, sometimes, can be a good thing. It gives you the opportunity to experience more about life. It makes you stronger than before and proves to you that nothing is permanent and that people can change their minds anytime.

It prepares you for future disappointments. It also allows you to meet someone even better than the ex.

Being happy after a breakup is very hard for some people. This is maybe because they trusted their partners and would never imagine them changing their decisions.

Some people get used to it after a couple of breakups and never worry much about it. It is inevitable. Being in relationships without at least one breakup is very uncommon. The fact is, most married people have probably deal with breakups at least once.

Another reason why being happy after a breakup is hard is because of the sexual enjoyment both partners had when they were in a relationship. The female, mostly, feel cheated and are more emotionally affected than their male partners because of this. If there are no sexual activities involved in a relationship, breaking up will be easier.

There are a lot of reasons why you should be happy after a breakup. Always remember that after a breakup, it is not the end of the world. There are a million more things to explore and you need to be 100% fit physically and emotionally.

There are things to do to make you happy single after a breakup.


Tips to be happy single after a breakup


1. Think of it as an opportunity 

A breakup can be an opportunity for you. How about you stop sobbing, get out of your bed, take a shower, put on your best dress and go out there to grab an opportunity waiting for you? Remember, there are millions of males and females out there waiting for you.

Good thing is that there will always be someone better than your ex. Maybe you had thought your ex-was the best when you two were in a relationship, Well, I am telling you that he isn’t.

For the fact that he left you, he is not the best for you. Think of your breakup as an opportunity to meet new people but this time, carefully. You’ll be amazed that your ex is nothing compared to many people out there.

This is a reason enough to be happy single after a breakup.

2. Think of it as a saviour

Really? Yes! When your partner is tired of you, breaking up with him/her is like saving yourself. It saves you from a lot of heartaches and headaches. No more shouting, no more arguments, no more crying because he always hit you.

When your partner is tired of you, he/she will do everything to frustrate you. Think of it as a saviour in another sense that it will make you realise that your partner is not interested in you anymore and that you should stop thinking he/she is everything.

You can be happy when you take it this way. Knowing what your partner thinks of you is very important to help you stop wasting your time loving him/her.

3. Do not stay in bed all day 

Did you just break up? Staying in bed all day won’t help you heal emotionally. In fact, it will only worsen the situation. Chances are that you won’t get it off your mind if you don’t get out and have fun.

Call your friends and go out with them. Watch cinema together, play video games together, drink together and do everything else to get the breakup off your mind. It’s not the end of the world for you.

Yeah, I know that you loved him, you trusted and you would do anything for him to stay but now he’s gone. Don’t let it affects you in any way.

Dress beautifully as usual and make him realise he lost, you didn’t! Go on about your daily activity, as usual, to make him feel less important. Make him jealous and stupid for leaving you.

When you stay home, sobbing, looking sad, you will make him a winner. He will feel even better about himself.

My point is, do not change your schedules because of a recent breakup with an ex. Do not make him a winner, make him feel like a loser would. There are a million better people out there waiting for you.

4. Enjoy life

Always remember that your life is yours and not anyone else’s. Do not let a disappointment take away your happiness. There are a million more thing to make you happy. Always remember that disappointments will come but do not let it overcome you, do not let it take away your happiness from you.

Eat healthily, stay healthy, laugh always and do all the things you enjoy doing. A woman or man shouldn’t be the reason your happiness is taken away. Life is too short, it should be enjoyed. Do not let anyone or anything take your happiness away.

5. You should be strong emotionally 

The best way to be happy after a breakup is to be emotionally strong. When you’re emotionally strong, disappointments won’t disappoint you anymore. It will only make you stronger and gives you more reasons to want to live, to want to fight and to want to win.

Like I have said, everybody needs to be strong emotionally to deal with disappointments.

They will come and you can’t avoid them but only the strong ones overcome them. Explore the world and see that people are not perfect and that nothing is perfect. This will make you stronger. Knowing that “shit” happens can help you through difficulties.

Yes, it is true that ”shit” happens! Some people commit suicide because they give up on life.

They forget that life is not perfect and only the strong ones survive. If you have life, then there’s still hope. Always believe that. Stop thinking about silly things, forget the breakup and focus on the positive things.

Yes, it’s okay to cry after your lovely husband or wife breaks up with you. It is okay to cry after your boyfriend or girlfriend breaks up with you.

Cry as hard as you can and forget about it. Get yourself ready for the next challenge coming your way. Get rid of the weights on your mind before it kills you. Being emotionally strong is a plus to succeeding in everything you do.

Be happy always because that way you will be able to find opportunities in disappointments. Opportunities that will override your disappointments.

These are what I actually think will help you stay happy after a breakup. Staying happy after a breakup depends on your ability to forget and make peace with yourself. Your ability to realise that things like this can happen.

Your ability to realise that people can change anytime. Your ability to realise that you need to be happy to overcome disappointments.

Your ability to realise that there are opportunities attached to breakups. Your ability to realise that the right man or woman is out there waiting for you to come. Your ability to realise that nothing is perfect.

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