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Razor bumps are caused by shaving. Sometimes when a hair is cut off at the point where it exits the skin, it can curl back and start growing inwards. These ingrown hairs cause irritation to the hair follicle, which swells into a small red lump that looks a bit like a pimple.


If you shave with a razor, you have probably had bumps on one or two occasions. This is a situation whereby your head, chin, leg or anywhere else become itchy and irritating.

It’s even much worse at night if you have bumps on your head. You won’t be able to sleep comfortably because of the pain it causes. Headaches every day, especially when the sun comes out.

Getting rid of razor bumps overnight is not always done how people think it should, at least, according to my experience. Even without applying any form of medical treatments, you can still get rid of razor bumps quickly.

Okay, this has happened to me about a year ago and I’m gonna tell the story how it happened and how I got rid of it. Well, this is if your kind of bumps hurt badly that even cause you serious headaches. Of course, if it’s on the head. Mine was on the head.

How I got razor bumps

I remember vividly, it was on one afternoon. I was coming from class, going home and decided to shave in one of the salons in school.

When I got there, there were already dozens of customers waiting eagerly for the barbers’ service. I couldn’t wait and I couldn’t even go anywhere else in the school to shave since I didn’t know anywhere else.

I decided to go home and shave another day. But on my way home from school, I realised that I could buy some razors to do the work. I thought it would shave better and cleaner than electric clippers. Yeah, I was right though.

So when I reached my destination, the driver pulled over for me to come down from the taxi.  I walked into a store to buy some razors. Heck, I even bought some popcorn from the store, not knowing what was coming my way.

Hey, you don’t have to skip this story. It just explains how everything happened to me and how I got rid of it. Besides, who would skip a story as interesting as this? Not you!

Alright. I walked home and changed my clothes. Brought out the popcorn and ate everything while I went through my Facebook feeds.

I had decided in the taxi on my way home from school not to shave that Friday but on Sunday. So I kept the razors in my backpack and enjoy the rest of the evening and the next day, which was Saturday.

On Sunday morning, I was ready to shave. I applied soap and water to my hair to soften it and disinfect the razors. I had my mirrors ready for the action.

Oh yeah, I need to let you know that this was my first time shaving with razors so I didn’t know much about using it safely.

I started shaving from front to the back! Now I’m telling you today to never to do that if you are going to shave. Doing that will pull off some hair from the follicle and so some will be left 90% shaven and 10% unshaven. The unshaven hair curls back inside and that is what you called ingrown hair.

No matter how small the unshaven hair is, it’ll probably cause you problems if you don’t use the razor correctly. This is because razors have pretty sharp edges and come closer to have direct contact with the scalp. The scalp takes some several small cuts from the contacts with razors, unlike clipper that can be easily adjusted and never hurt the scalp no matter how close it comes to the scalp.

Exactly this was what happened to me. My scalp took several small cuts from the razor. I didn’t care much about it. I washed and cleaned my head after I finished.

The pain wasn’t that bad at first but my head was still burning! I thought after some days when the small cuts heal, I would be fine. Little did I know it’d get worse.

The first and second day, I could still manage to sleep comfortably. The third day, my head started burning rapidly from sharps pains. Headaches wouldn’t go away. I was very uncomfortable.

In the afternoons, it was worse. I had to go to the bathroom every few minutes to pour cold water on my head so as to ease the pain. It didn’t work even for a minute.

I read online about the cure: some said applying Aloe Vera could cure it which I applied but never worked. I applied different kinds of antibiotics creams and antifungal creams sold to me by a chemist but still, my head wouldn’t stop burning. The sharp pains increase.

I couldn’t sleep at night for many days. If I were to tell you that I didn’t wish I could just die, then I would be lying to you. I literally wished I could die to stop the pains.

Perhaps yours wasn’t or isn’t this bad? Well then, that’s good. But I’m not in any way exaggerating my experience with razor bumps.

In the morning, the pain would be bad. In the afternoon, it would be worse and in the night, it would be worst.

Oh yeah, I remember that one antibiotics cream worked in the day for a couple of minutes until it dried out and the pains came back. I can’t remember the name of that antibiotics. After applying it to my scalp, it would ease the pain a bit for a couple of minutes before the pain started in full force again after the cream dried out.

And then came one great morning that I will never forget in my life. It was around 3 in the morning. I hadn’t slept even for five minutes all night. The pain wouldn’t let me. I had cried earlier that morning.

That morning, I was trying to ease the pain by massaging the bumps. I still didn’t know why I used my nails on the bumps and something amazing happened…

How I cure my razor bumps

I was massaging my head and didn’t know why I used my nails on the bumps. It started with one bump, I scratched it with my nails and I felt like something popped out. It was the ingrown hair growing inside my scalp that caused all the pains!

The spot felt a breeze of comfort. The sharp pain in the spot went down like it was never there. I was amazed and at the same time happy. Extremely happy!

Wow! I had found a solution to this problem that had kept me from having proper rest for days I thought in my mind. It was such a great feeling and I can still feel how I felt that morning. It was like I had been given the key to my prison.

I pulled out the ingrown hair from my bumps for like one hour. As I scratched the bumps to pull out each ingrown hair, I felt less and fewer pains until I could actually sleep comfortably.

Remember it only took like one hour for the solution I applied to take a great effect. I slept like a baby and woke up late. I felt relaxed and happy.

Okay. That’s how I got rid of my razor bumps. This is just how I did it so you can try it out too and see if it is going to work for you.

Let me know if it works.

If you tried this and it did not work, you can read about the cure from other professionals.

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