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Are you a beginner and want to know how to make money? Great. Then follow what I have to say.

Unfortunately, making money from a blog requires months and sometimes even years of hard work and consistency. What I mean is that before you can start making any money at all from a blog, you’ll have work tirelessly for months and even years.

Blogging is not a way to get rich quick but, if you’re successful, you can become quite rich and never worry about working for some boss in some company or waking up early every morning to go to work. You’ll be your own boss.

Okay. So you’re a blogger and you’ve just started not too long ago? Good. And you want to learn how to make money from your blog? Even better.

If you’re asking this question, I’ll assume that you’re already getting some certain traffic daily. Maybe from search engines or social media or even through advertising. Whatever method you use to direct traffic to your blog.

There are actually a lot of ways to make money from your blog as a beginner. It’s actually the same methods the professional bloggers use to make money from their blogs. The thing is that, they already know more than you know so it’s easier for them. Might not be for you if you’re a beginner.

Before anything, I’ll like to tell you that there are some factors that determine how much you make from your blog. One is where your blog visitors are coming from. The highest cost per click (CPC) visitors are mostly from the US, Australia, UK.

So if a chunk of your blog visitors are coming from the US or Australia, then your cost per click will be high. Another factor is your niche. Some niches pay better than the others. For example, a niche in health will pay better than a niche in free downloads.

Another factor that determines your cost per click is your keywords. The keywords for your posts are very important. If you do keywords research, you’ll know that some keywords are more profitable than others. For example, keywords like “buy brand new Samsung S7” will be more profitable than keywords like “How to download free GTA 5”.

A lot of keywords research tools will show you how much advertisers are paying for a certain keywords. You don’t even need a paid tool to know what advertisers are paying for a certain keywords.

Just install a Google extension called keywords everywhere and you’ll automatically be shown the volume of monthly searches of keywords and the cost per click of such keywords when enter into Google search box.

One of the most important factors in making money from a blog is the conversion rate. If you get quite a lot of traffic from search engines daily, that will be awesome. Right? Partially!

How so? It’s the conversion rate. If tens of thousands of people read from your blog daily but only few are interested in what you’re selling, then you won’t be making anything near a good money. Your blog Click through rate (CTR) and conversion rate are very important.

There are blogs that have as high as 10% click through rate. You may be thinking how is 10% high. Well, that’s because you’re a beginner. Imagine getting a traffic or 10,000 visitors daily and having at least 10% click through rate daily, that’d be awesome. That’s a huge money to be made monthly! I mean, such a high click through rate coupled with a high cost per click is more than awesome. We’ll be counting tens of thousands of dollars at the end of the month.

Ah! This is even more important than conversion rate. It is the value of your blog. What do you blog about? Health? gaming? SEO? Fashion? Whichever you choose, Ask yourself if it’s valuable. Valuable in the sense that are your posts original? If you copy from top blogs, I’m afraid you won’t get anywhere far.

Alright. Let’s get to business. Like I said, there are a lot of ways to monetize your blog. Let’s talk about just easiest three of them.


How to make money from a blog as a beginner


1. Apply for Google AdSense


Google AdSense is the most widely used method to monetize blogs. There are very few blogs out there that do not use Google AdSense. Google AdSense may not be a high paying option but it’s surely the easiest to get approved if done right.

Even with 100 daily visitors, Google AdSense will approve your account if your blog is well designed and and has quality. This is unlike many other methods that pay huge money for advertising. High paying methods like a company reaching out to you and striking a huge deal with you. This happens if you have high daily traffic, coupled with high conversion rate.

If not, Google AdSense is the solution. This is how it works :

A seller reach out to Google to advertise his products or services and agree to pay a certain amount for every click his product gets. Google will now display the customer’s products or services on your blog (Google AdSense). Every click the product gets will be recorded and you’ll be paid 68% revenue share for content ads, the ads you see on web sites. Meaning, publishers keep 68% of the revenue earned, while Google takes the rest.


How to apply for Google AdSense and get approved


1. Create a user friendly and a valuable website. 

This will help you in the long run. Google will not approve AdSense account if your website is not user friendly. It’s even much worse if your blog has no value. I mean if you copy most of the contents on your blog, Google will not approve your AdSense. Also autoblog blogs won’t get approved.

Oh yeah. Wondering how Google will know if you’re copying or not? Or if you’re autoblogging? Well, maybe you didn’t know that Google has a big fat artificial intelligence tool installed, working every second to fish out people cutting corners. People playing games with the system.

I have heard many people not getting approved because of some reason until they fix a few things on their blog. Make sure to write privacy and policy, contact and about. They reported that after fixing all these, they applied again and got approved. If you do not know how to write privacy and policy, you can always generate one automatically with an online tool.


2. Apply for Google AdSense online. 

Apply for Google AdSense online. You will first sign up and then supply your website URL, your name or Business Name, contact name (put your name if you’re applying for yourself; could be anyone else’s name if you are applying as a business entity), mailing address, phone number, email address.


3. Be very smart about Ads placement and clicks

After your AdSense has been approved, you’ll need to be very smart on where to place your ads on your blog to maximize your income. This is very important because the position of the ads will be a big factor in determining the click through rate and conversion rate.

Another thing is self clicking your ads. Really? Why would you even do that? Do you think Google won’t know about this? Like I said, there’s a big fat intelligence tool installed that spot illegal activities like this. You might get away with a first click, you’ll hardly be suspected but another clicks after that, you’ll get banned and will never be approved again.

And yes, it is equally illegal to ask your friends to start clicking on your ads. Believe me, Google know about all these illegal activities. If you get banned, you’ll be banned forever except you look for other methods to monetize your blog.


2. Try affiliate marketing


Affiliate marketing is also one of the most used methods by bloggers to generate income. It pays much more than Google AdSense and it is also easy to start. All you need to do is find an affiliate program that’s related to your blog niche(for  better conversion rate). Perhaps you blog about fashion, you can sign up to Amazon affiliate program, choose from variety of products related to fashion and start selling to your customers.

Amazon can pay you as high as 15% commission on total sales you make.

Say at the end of a month, you make a total sales of $10k, you can get as high as $1,500 in commission. If you choose the right products targeting the right customers, you can make sales far higher than that. It all depends on the customers and the products. If a product is meant to solve customers’ problem, They will buy it.

I just used Amazon as an example because they have the biggest affiliate program on the Internet. Of course, there are bunch more you can look into. Clickbank affiliate looks to be the highest paying affiliate program. They can pay you as high as 70% of the price of each item you sell. Yes, you heard that right, 70 PERCENT!

There are other many affiliate programs like Domain names affiliates, hosting affiliates, SEO tools affiliates, infolinks affiliate, MediaTek affiliate. Trust me, there are a lot more.

Signing up and making money from affiliate programs is somehow wide and I won’t be discussing that here. It requires some sorts skills to set up and start making money from it. Alternatively, I’ll want you to read the step by step affiliate program guide to do it the right way.

Here for Amazon only.

And here for Clickbank only.


3. Sell to your customers your products or services


This is where you get full price of whatever you sell. No one to share the income with you. It’s simple. After building trust with your customers, create a product that will solve a problem and sell it your customers. They will buy it. Let’s take for example you blog about SEO, you can create a product solving a problem your customers are facing.

Like making keywords research, it’s often a problem for most new bloggers. Just create a step by step guide explaining how to do keywords research into a PDF file and sell it to them, but at a very affordable price. Watch your sales go up.

This is can be done for every niche. Fashion blogs, fishing blogs, football blogs, Skating blogs and so on.

You can also sell your own product by displaying it on your blog. The bad news is that selling a product directly to your customers will involve you showing up at their doorsteps. Unless you let big companies like Amazon do the hard work for you, except that it won’t be a hard work for them since they’ve been doing it for over two  decades.

This is called drop shipping. You’d literally sit your ass on a couch, search for profitable and highly demanded products on Internet stores like Alibaba. Go to Amazon and search for the same product you choose and see how much it sells there. Compare the prices and decide how much profit you’d make after a sale.

Depending on your capital strength, purchase the item in bulk and order Alibaba to ship it to Amazon store. After some days, your product would arrived and ready to be sold. Your product will be delivered to your customers by Amazon! All you have to do after arrival of your product is to advertise it on your blog. Make money while sleeping.




It’s easy to make money from a  blog even for beginners if you have enough visitors to your blog, if your blog is very valuable, if you have high cost per click, and if you have a high conversion rate.

We have got some other topics you might like covered.

Have any questions? Leave it below.

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