How to prevent razor bumps in private area

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Pseudofolliculitis barbae, also known as razor bumps, is a very common infection. Everybody who shaves regularly with a razor would have had bumps one way or the other. It is better to prevent it than dealing with it. Like the saying, “Prevention is better than cure”. This saying is pretty much spot on. Preventing an infection or diseases is much simpler and less expensive than curing it.

Razor bumps in private area are always disgusting, especially for women. Razor bumps are a result of bad shaving. There are shaving techniques that everybody who shaves needs to know. You can not just pick up a razor and start shaving. This will only hurt you.

I’ve told my story about razor bumps all over my head and how I cured it. Razor bumps are disgusting and if not properly taken care of, can leave a spot on your body for a very long time or even, forever!

Fortunately, preventing razor bumps is a million times easier and less expensive than curing it. Fun right? But how?
Just read through my razor bumps prevention tips that I will be walking you through. This is a natural prevention tips for everyone looking for prevention for razor bumps. Be it on your face or private area or your head. This pretty much works well.

How to prevent razor bumps in private area

1. Always shave with a very sharp razor :

This the first thing that you must look into. If your shave with a blunt razor, you are risking getting infected with razor bumps. Razor bumps can be extremely painful and disgusting. Shaving with a blunt razor will put pressure on the skin. Shaving with a blunt razor will not be smooth without you applying extra effort. This pulls off hairs while shaving from the follicles. Pulling off hairs from follicles is a bad thing that can affect your skin. This is one of the reasons people get infected with bumps.

Blunt razors also do a bad shaving job. It cuts hair but not thoroughly, leaving behind some tiny grains of hair with sharp edges. When those grains of hair grow back inward, they cause pains and leave several bumps.

So always shave with a very sharp razor for the best experience.

2. Always disinfect your razors :

Before you start shaving, always remember to disinfect your razor. This is because you may cut yourself and with the razor carrying some germs or bacteria or whatever that is harmful to your skin, it can infuriate your skin. When you do a clean shave, getting the razor pretty close to your skin is necessary. For that reason, germs or bacteria on the razor dropping on your skin is made possible. These germs or bacteria can infuriate the skin.

3. Soften your hair before shaving :

Another great tip to prevent bumps. When the hair is softened, it makes the job easier for the razor. This will prevent razor from pulling out hair from the follicles. With a sharp, disinfected razor and a very soften hair, shaving is made easy and effortless. I recommend you use soap and warm water to soften your hair before shaving. Warm water is more effective than cold water because warm water does the softening job even without soap. Applying soap and warm water to soften your hair is a better option than using a cold water and soap. In another way, you can use a shaving cream. That is probably more common than using soap.

I believe almost everybody shaves after applying soap and water to their hair before shaving. Soap is very effective. It’s a form of a lubricant that makes a razor cut cleanly and prevents the body from taking too many cuts. Without soap and water, the skin will take several cuts while shaving with razors. It also increases the number of strands of hair that will be pulled out from the follicles. This is bad for your skin.

4. Do not shave in the wrong direction :

A lot of people make this mistake of shaving in the wrong direction. If you’re shaving, you should note the direction of your hair growth before shaving. If it grows downward, you can’t shave from below. Just like when it grows upward, you will have to shave from below.

It’s very easy to understand. When the direction of your hair grows downward, you have to shave downward. That is, you will have to shave from top to below and when it grows upward, you will have to shave from below to the top. You shave upward.

5. Do not shave too close to the skin :

If you’re shaving your private area, you don’t have to press the razor too close to your skin to avoid taking some cuts to the skin. Although softening your hair and shaving with sharp, disinfected razor, coupled with being extra careful while shaving will help in preventing you from taking cuts, you still need to be extra careful not to cut yourself. Do not shave too close to your skin. If you use a sharp razor, it will be easier for you to shave without having to press the razor close to the skin.

6. Always wash your skin with soap and clean water after shaving :

After shaving, washing your skin with clean, cold water and soap is necessary. When you start with warm water, it softens the hair by opening the hair pores for easy shaving. But after shaving, it is advisable to wash your skin with cold water to close the pores. This prevents the shaved hair from hanging around the pores.

7. Do not shave frequently :

I’ve seen many people who do this. Shaving your private area every two or three days is a bad idea. Shaving is okay but doing it frequently is not. When you have to do a clean shave frequently, you will risk taking cuts to the skin frequently.

Small several cuts are what cause bumps mostly and if you do a clean shave frequently, you are risking taking these cuts.

“Prevention is better than cure”. This applies not only to razor bumps but to all kinds of diseases. Good thing is that prevention is way less expensive and easier than curing. Take note of these tips and apply them every time you want to shave.

There are a lot of websites out there that have discussed razor bumps prevention. One of them is this. you can check it out if you need more tips.

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