How to write letter to school principal for leave

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Many students once in a while will want to write application letters to their school principals for a leave one way or another. It’s not uncommon for students to want leave for some reasons, but to avoid getting penalized by the school authority, they need to write application letters to their school principals for leave.

This is what this article is all about. A lot of these students do not know how to write proper application letters. Writing application letters is simple because there’s no beating around the bush. It’s the kind of letters that is very straightforward. Just get the format right and you’re good to go. This works for every student trying to write some kind of letters to their school principals.

If you’re a parent and would like to write one to your child’s school principal, requesting for leave on his/her behalf, I’ll cover that here too. Maybe for a sick leave or for another reason, this format works just good.

How to write application letter to a school principal for leave

What to include in the letter

– The date when you write the letter

– The recipient name like Mr. Bean, or the recipient title like The Principal
– The school name

– The school address

– Greeting like Dear Sir. Or Dear Madam

– The body of your letter where your message will be expressed

– Do not for to start with a paragraph

– Complimentary close like Yours faithfully or Yours Sincerely

– Your full name

– Your class

– Your home address if you’re writing on behalf of your child

– Your Phone number (parents)

– Your Email address (parents)

Okay, here we go! This format will be an application letter for sick leave.


The Principal (Or his/her name if you know it)
(The name of your school)
(The school Address)
(city, state)

Dear Sir. Or Dear Madam,

I am writing to inform you that I’m suffering from________ (fever, flu, malaria or whatever sickness you’re suffering from) since (write the date your sickness started). So, I will be unable to attend school/class from_______ (Write the date your sick leave will start) to______ (write the date it will end).

I will be glad if you could grant me leave for___ (write the number of days your leave will last).

Yours faithfully,

(Your full name)
(Your class).

How to write a sick leave application letter to your child’s school principal


The Principal
(Your child’s school name)
(School address)
(City, state)

Dear Sir,
I am sad to inform you that my child,________ (Write your child’s full name), from class_______ (Write down your child’s class), is suffering from________( write his sickness) since________ (Write down the date the sickness started). Due to his sickness, he will be unable to attend school/class from______ (Write down the date the leave will start) to_______ (Write down the date the leave will end).

I will be very grateful if you could grant him leave for _______ (write down the days the leave will last. Maybe 3 days) to completely heal his body.

Yours faithfully,

(Your name)
(Your home address)
(Your phone number)
(Your email address).


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